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what motivates us

A lighthouse is built to outlast the mightiest of storms. It does not shine a light for itself. A lighthouse stands to shine its light for others. Those, but for the light piercing through darkness, fog, and torrential rain, would be taken off course, crash on rocks, and break apart. Those who at best would not arrive at their God-desired destination, and at worst would lose their lives.

where we are going


Within the next five years, The Lighthouse Church will pursue and develop:

  • Corporate gatherings, in person and online, that allow and expect the Holy Spirit’s presence

  • Pathways for the individual to develop in character, practical daily living, and spiritual gifts.



Meet Cosette Conaway.  Cosette is a licensed and ordained minister with The Foursquare Church, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. (See  Although born in Southern California, Cosette has lived in Lynchburg most of her life, attending Lynchburg public schools, and graduating from E.C. Glass High School.  Beal and Phyllis Conaway, her parents, began the ministry that is now The Lighthouse Church.  


Pastor Cosette is undoubtedly a teacher first of all, having a great love and respect for the Bible.   She also places great emphasis on salvation through Jesus Christ, water baptism, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which includes speaking in tongues and other prophetic gifts, to be received and used by every believer.


Cosette is married to Michael Smith, a local businessman, who is an active member of the church.  



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